Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's about time...

...I updated my links, which you can find on the right side of this page. Like reading this blog? Perhaps you'd like to visit my links.

Of special note are two newly added ones, Mike's Bloggity Blog Blob and Common Errors in English. I have no idea who Mike is, other than through the close personal relationship we share from reading each other's blogs and commenting on them, but he's rather delightful and I think he loves TV as much as I do. Common Errors in English is not some clever blog title, it's actually a listing of common errors in English. If you would like to have sexual relations with me, write as many of these down on index cards and then take them and me to a bar. Quiz me on these common errors in English and pretend to be impressed with my vast knowledge. I'll be all, "Oh, I have to know this stuff for work..." but actually I will be getting high on how smart I think I am. Buy me three martinis, then pounce. Just FYI.

I also urge you to visit Mit Ach und Krach, listed under "What Makes Me Happy" over there, which contains some wonderful artwork by a dear friend of mine. If said dear friend was a gay man living in New Hampshire, her blog would look exactly like The Slam Pig. And if you're feeling angsty about work, you must visit the Meatgrinder Memos ASAP.

Top off your freetime with a visit to the Johnny Five Scrapbook, then zone out in front of Infinite Hasselhoff for a while. Then, of course, come back to anterias to obsessively check if I've posted again.

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