Friday, August 31, 2007

Hackneyed Expressions

The Harbrace Handbook of English (1941) says

Nearly all trite expressions were once striking and effecive. From overuse they have lost their vigor. They no longer stimulate the reader; often they annoy him.

Here are some of the "hackneyed expresssions" they list:

a bolt from the blue / a long-felt want / bathed in tears
brawny arms / briny deep / brown as a berry
cheered to the echo / course of true love / Dame Fortune / deadly earnest
downy couch / eyes like stars
filthy lucre / flower of the Old South / goodly number
Grim Reaper / justice to the occasion
mad as a wet hen / method in his madness
partake of refreshments
poor but honest / riot of color / strong, silent man / sumptuous repast
sun-kissed meadows / table groaned
take my word for it / to the bitter end / toothsome viands / wrought havoc
wry countenance

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tyra here I come

I recently read that there will be no "plus-sized" models on ANTM this season, so I figured I'd apply. My friend Peter came over and we snapped these shots that are sure to get me on. Some of you may think the unconventional litterbox locale is a little disgusting, but is it more disgusting than pretending to be a victim of domestic violence?

So edgy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Do you think that the astronauts on the International Space Station, as part of their mission, are charged with keeping the human race alive if everyone on Earth (or Earth itself) is obliterated somehow?

If yes, do you think they discuss it ever? Who would you choose to procreate with first if you Commander Peggy Whitson? (pictured, with rest of space station crew)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is anyone else... confused and disturbed as I am by the fact that Steve Carell looks sorta hot in this movie poster? Is it the pancakes, or just lots of airbrushing?

Friday, August 10, 2007

The courtship of Ronnie and Paula

A few days ago, you all rolled your eyes because I was posting about The Shield again. Well, when you finally get your asses around to watching The Shield, I hope you plan on coming back to these posts, when you'll actually see them for the witty masterpieces they are.

In any case, last time I was saying how I did some googling (it's a hobby) and found out that David Rees Snell, the hottie who plays underappreciated Ronnie on the show, is married to Melanie Myers, who plays underappreciated Paula on the show.

As I continued to fill practically every free hour watching season 4 of the show, I got to thinking about how The Shield should give poor Ronnie and Paula their own romantic storyline. Three episodes later, in the last scene of the season finale, I got my wish. Herewith, the courtship of Ronnie and Paula:

1) As we close in on the scene, for once Ronnie is in the foreground and Vic is in the background. Although he's in shadow, we can clearly see he's gettin' Paula wasted.

2) Uh oh, now she's laughing and pointing at you! You are so in, buddy; you are so in.

3) Now Ronnie gets his sexiness on as he leans against a pool cue.

4) Just as Ronnie's thinking about making his move, he's cast back into the blurry space behind Vic.

We may never find out what happened.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

NY storm aftermath: pics from my camera phone

This morning while I slept there was a horrible storm in New York. Rumor has it that a "mini tornado" passed through my part of Brooklyn.

This is my street. I saw later (but was unable to capture on phone), a tree that had fallen over and blocked a seldom-used side street. Another tree had fallen on top of a parked car (sucks for that person!!).

Here was a tree that had been completely uprooted, taking part of the sidewalk with it:

Since the subways were mostly shut down, I took the bus in. I nodded off in the financial district, since we were stuck in traffic, unmoving for about a half an hour. When I woke up this was what was out my window:

It took me 3 hours to get to work.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

David Rees Snell: I think I love you

While staring into the surf during my recent vacation, I finally made a life decision: I decided I was ready to start watching The Shield again. I'd taken a little break, because it was beginning to consume me, but I've decided I'm ready to dedicate all my spare time to the travails of the Farmington PD again. If you find all of these posts about The Shield boring, then go watch the show and come back. Seriously. Do I have to buy season 1 for every one of you and sit you down in front of it?

If you're still here, I'm sorry to disappoint all of you who found this page by googling "Michael Chiklis bulge," but this post, for once, isn't about Michael Chiklis. It's about David Rees Snell, who plays Detective Ronnie Gardocki on the show. That's him, kinda blurry in the background in the photo, and that's how he is in most episodes.

Even though he only gets about 6 lines per episode (every episode), I love him. And I know I can't convey that as well as this person did on youtube, where you can find a 4-minute montage of all of Ronnie's best moments set to a dance remix of "Hungry Eyes." But I will try:

I might like him so much because he's got a good sense of humor, or because he looks great in a sweatshirt. But it's probably because he has one of the best beards in the business (we won't mention the 'stache he had in season 1), and I'm not the only one who things so because it's the most commented-on topic of conversation on the discussion board of his imdb page.

David plays back-up man Ronnie, who is the only guy who has managed to deal with the disparate personalities of everyone on the Strike Team. Yet he's mysterious. How did he learn so much about computers and safe cracking? Why is he so good with dogs? Who is this horrible woman he's dating that made him shave the beard? As the members of the Strike Team drop like flies, we see more and more of Ronnie, but just enough to whet our appetites.

I feel kind of bad for David. He gets to be just behind the action all the time, and he joked in a DVD commentary one time about how they were always having him go "around back" when they bust through a house and never show him. But his imdb page also says he's married to the most under-shown female regular on the show: Melanie Myers, who plays Paula the patrol woman, the occasional female confidante to Danny (like when she needs to talk about women stuff like almost kissing Dutch). No one on the internet seems to know when they got married, but I like to think that they spent their free time on the set getting to know each other, and ultimately making out in the "cage" after hours, and then falling in love.

I'm so desperate to see more David Rees Snell that I'm rather angry that the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Desolation Canyon" isn't available on Netflix. Not only is David in it, but so is Kenny Johnson, who played poor Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky on The Shield. (Rounding out the cast is Stacey Keach and Patrick Duffy.) I have no doubt this critically lambasted Wild West adventure would keep me very entertained, as the only reason why I watch that new Holly Hunter program is to see Kenny have TV sex with her.

Anyway, I have to go back to watching The Shield now, so please enjoy this little Ronnie moment, and tell me he's not the cutest:

Or check out this short film, which is pretty dumb but stars DRS when he was a 20-something sideburned cutie without a middle name.