Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Do you think that the astronauts on the International Space Station, as part of their mission, are charged with keeping the human race alive if everyone on Earth (or Earth itself) is obliterated somehow?

If yes, do you think they discuss it ever? Who would you choose to procreate with first if you Commander Peggy Whitson? (pictured, with rest of space station crew)


Banks Bailey said...

I have a question for you...what if Peggy Whitson dies during labor and loses the child? Now who do you think should have butt sex in the hopes of spawning the first anal baby in space?

jayKayEss said...

I'm guessing... Peggy is more Martina Navratilova's type.

Jeff said...

Who's fucking who? Oh wait, that was a L&O: Criminal Intent. Oopsie, TV is so much like real life.