Friday, August 10, 2007

The courtship of Ronnie and Paula

A few days ago, you all rolled your eyes because I was posting about The Shield again. Well, when you finally get your asses around to watching The Shield, I hope you plan on coming back to these posts, when you'll actually see them for the witty masterpieces they are.

In any case, last time I was saying how I did some googling (it's a hobby) and found out that David Rees Snell, the hottie who plays underappreciated Ronnie on the show, is married to Melanie Myers, who plays underappreciated Paula on the show.

As I continued to fill practically every free hour watching season 4 of the show, I got to thinking about how The Shield should give poor Ronnie and Paula their own romantic storyline. Three episodes later, in the last scene of the season finale, I got my wish. Herewith, the courtship of Ronnie and Paula:

1) As we close in on the scene, for once Ronnie is in the foreground and Vic is in the background. Although he's in shadow, we can clearly see he's gettin' Paula wasted.

2) Uh oh, now she's laughing and pointing at you! You are so in, buddy; you are so in.

3) Now Ronnie gets his sexiness on as he leans against a pool cue.

4) Just as Ronnie's thinking about making his move, he's cast back into the blurry space behind Vic.

We may never find out what happened.


Jeff said...

If you're watching The Shield then you must be missing the cool shows like MadMen and Damages.

Evie Garland said...

You underestimate my amount of spare time.