Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Who's Done Whom Update

In honor of tomorrow's new episode of Grey's Anatomy (recaps don't count!), here's an update to my handy Who's Slept with Whom spreadsheet.

What have we learned since last time? Though unassuming, George is clearly a slut. And maybe Cristina and Burke just might make it, because they are bringing in people from the past to up Cristina's booty count.

Also, some corrections from last time. One, Alex and Izzie did do it...he couldn't get it up when they were dating but I had forgotten that the bomb scare had totally turned him on. I had also forgotten about his banging of the terminally ill patient in the bar bathroom. But I promise not to forget about Alex's sexual activities anymore. Gee, I just can't wait for him to make sweet, sensitive love to the pregnant amnesiac with full-body bruising.


michael morrison said...

I love this thing. Once a learn how to post it so it links to a bigger image i'll be all over it!

Evie Garland said...

partly my fault. blogger keeps giving me trouble every time I post it large. I'm workin' on it for the updated Alex-does-Addison version.