Friday, July 07, 2006

Slipping, Sliding

A friend was just telling me about a show at McCarren Park this weekend that will feature a slip 'n' slide, and it totally got me thinking about why they haven't been deemed unsafe for children yet. My sister and I had one of the original yellow slip 'n' slides, which doubled as a river when we'd have make believe backyard adventures. And slamming your body down on that thing was rough! The best kind was the 2nd generation (blue) slip 'n slides, like my neighbor Aimee DeHainut had. they had a bump at the end followed by a kiddie pool. If you got enough velocity, you were supposed to careen off the bump and into the pool. And I still remember the song for the commercial: "You Run...You Slide...You hit the bump, and take a Diiiivvve!" I did some internet research and found the newest breakthroughs in Slip 'n Slide technology

Splash and Play. This is the normal old slip 'n' slide, but it has an inflated thing at the end so you don't flying off the end and into your fence or a pile of dog shit.
Side by Side. This one has two different lanes so you can race. In my day, we raced the old way, by crashing into each other halfway down and then yelling at each other.
Wham 'O Wave/Wave Rider. This is the kind with the pool at the end, and the Wave Rider also promises the "NEW Splash Factor Extra Wave of Water at the End!"
Your Favorite Licensed Product Slip 'n' Slide. Get your favorite brand or character emblazened on the SnS, like spiderman, spongebob, the little mermaid, or Roseanne Barr
Heat Wave. OK, this thing is pretty intense, and 22 feet long. Right before you hit the pool, there's the "Drench O Matic" overhead soaking system.
CRAZY SLIP 'N SLIDE SUPER SPLASH TUNNEL WATER SLIDE. The picture says it all. Look at this thing!! It's insane!! If this thing didn't cost $500 I'd buy one right now, set it up in front of my apartment building, and charge admission. It's blowing my mind. Kids these days, huh?

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