Monday, October 02, 2006

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

An email conversation I had with a coworker today:

1:39 PM, me:
you've never heard of an LA-based band called "After-Midnight Project," have you?

1:48 PM, her:
No. why?

2:13 PM, me:
um, first you have to promise not to judge me for this answer

2:17 PM, her:
You know I can't promise that.

2:18 PM, me:
Damn it, ok, then I'm just going to have to hope you'll love me for it: One of the kids in that band is the son of the non–Paul Reiser dad in My Two Dads.

2:25 PM, her:
Oh, was his name joe or something? The artist. That guy was not only the hotter of the two dads, he was also hot for tv dads in general. Was that show a tv adaptation of three men and a baby? This may sound sick, but I always knew stacey keenan liked that dad better, mostly b/c paul reiser was a whiny douchebag, but also because the artist dad was sexy.

2:26 PM, me:
yeah that's why when she finally got a paternity test she tore it up without looking. cuz she knew if she got caught with paul reiser for the rest of her life she'd be so pissed at herself.

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