Thursday, October 26, 2006

That's right—I haven't posted in over a week and this is all I have to say

I’m following this Anna Nicole Smith baby fiasco verrrry carefully. Definitely more carefully than someone who subscribes to Harper’s and reads the NY Times every day should. And I have to say: I’m a little jealous of all the guys jumping up to say they’re AN’s baby daddy. I think that’s pretty much the ultimate sign of being a babe—you’re stupid, depressed, and have been known to marry for money, yet people still want to claim your child as their own. This is quite the opposite from today’s episode of Judge Hatchett, which I attended the taping of (if you look carefully you can see me 3 rows behind the defendant). In it, a woman claims that a man (her former ice cream truck driver) is the father of her 6 year-old child, but he doesn’t seem to remember sleeping with her at all. Needless to say, he WAS the father, unlike poor Howard K. Stern, who probably never did sleep with AN, even after their non–legally binding commitment ceremony.

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