Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Me: Making Your Netflix Experience Better

Don’t get too jealous, but I recently received an invitation to fill out a survey online regarding my experience with Netflix. I’d taken “quick” surveys before, asking on what day I received “Project Runway Season 1 Disc 2” and so forth, but this survey was serious: it was all about you, my friends. Part of it was easy: “Do you pay attention to Netflix’s taste-in-movies similarity rating?” (YES!!), but part was more challenging: “Are your Netflix friends close friends or casual acquaintances?” (most of them are people I’ve met in singles chatrooms who I coerce into adding me as a friend and then continuously recommend Fisher Stevens movies to them so...close friends!) Perhaps because I have “more than five” Netflix friends, and I answered “yes” to “Did you recently notice a change in the Friends homepage?”, Netflix asked me for further comments. I made sure to word my criticisms carefully, so they wouldn’t be offended when I mentioned the site’s inability to set default views, and praised the “streamlined” nature of the new design. I also requested an easy way to recommend movies to friends without having to think of witty notes to leave with them. Because what do you say, exactly, about Short Circuit 2?

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