Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Five Reasons Why I Love Ted Kennedy

1. he’s all like, fuck all y’alls, my brothers were assassinated. so what’re ya gonna say to me? huh? BRING IT ON!
1.5 he’s one of the only senators to endorse same-sex marriage
2. While I was in college some fellow students were shooting a film on Comm Ave and he happened to walk by or something. They were like, "hey, will you be in our student film?" and he was like, "uh, sure!" and he was.
3. the guy clearly knows how to party (just don’t get in a car with him)
4. he wears suspenders
5. he taught me that “Ted” can be short for “Edward.”

p.s. look how cute he was pre-bloating!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the horror! why does the endorsement of same-sex marriage only get a half-bullet? and does his former cuteness really override the whole dui-drowning incident? he also has the largest head of any politician ever, which is a feat unto itself.

you should write a "five reasons why ted kennedy's balloon face makes me giggle."

Numbers 1 and 2:
he's the first ever human bobble head;

without that bloat, he never would've made it out of the river alive.

the rest is up to you. may the force be with you, anterias.