Monday, September 18, 2006

The "CW": Dawn of a New Era

I couldn’t help but feel it was the beginning of a new era as I was (accidentally) on hand to witness the changing of the guard as the WB 11 turned into the CW 11 last night at 10:00 p.m.

The changing from upn9 to My9 happened stealthily, in the night, so no one would notice channel 9’s humiliation and not getting the honor of being the CW affiliate. But channel 11 was going to let everyone know: we’re not just the lowest-rated network anymore. We’re a combo of the lowest rated and the second-lowest rated!

To kick off the new network, a perky blonde wearing a green suit (CW’s colors) was on hand to tell us all about the exciting new programming we’ll be seeing on the CW in the coming weeks. No longer will we have to miss good shows on upn because we were too busy with our eyes glued to the WB, she told us, without a trace of irony. Yes, it’s true: Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars will now be annoying us from the same network (wait, we’re they always?) and for you African-Americans, you’ll have your very own night—Sunday—to enjoy Everybody Hates Chris AND Girlfriends, back to back.

This is truly an exciting era in television history. Sure, a little tear came to my eye after the encore airing of the first episode of Dawson’s Creek, and that creepy top-hatted cartoon frog took a bow, but the CW is going to leave me FREE TO BE!
(photos of CW11 cake and “the WB frog says its goodbyes” from

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