Monday, June 19, 2006

Ultimate LAKE HOUSE quiz!

Over the weekend I saw the movie The Lake House. It's true; I did; and I'm not going to apologize for it, even though it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. But for all you Keanu/Sandra fans, here is THE ULTIMATE LAKE HOUSE QUIZ! Try to see how many you can get right without having seen the movie.

True or False?
1. The Lake House is made entirely of glass.
2. Sandra describes herself as having “gentle, unguarded eyes.”
3. Keanu describes himself as having “wavy, untamed locks.”
4. One of Keanu’s many powers is planting a tree on a city sidewalk that quadruples in size in two years.
5. In a wink to their past, the characters reference the movie Speed by debating the merits of bus travel.
6. Much of the film takes place in Chicago, so every time the characters refer to the house “by the lake,” everyone assumes they’re talking about Lake Michigan.
7. Female doctors like Sandra are always lonely, because they have no time for love!
8. At some point, Keanu sneaks into Sandra’s apartment building as it is being built, figures out which apartment will be hers, and hides a copy of a Jane Austen novel under her floorboards.
9. When Keanu cries, it’s really embarrassing, both for him as an actor and for filmdom as a whole.
10. The person who wrote the screenplay for The Lake House is a Pulitzer Prize–winner.

Answers: t, t, f, t, f, f, t, t, t, t

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