Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Publishing industry news!

Every day my company sends around a word document of every mention of our company's name in the media for the previous day (one time we were a Jeopardy! clue!). They also include a section on industry news, normally contains info like "profits were down at Random House" or "amazon.com is releasing a new feature" or whatever. Today it contained this nugget:

06/26/06 The Washington Post.com (Reuters)
“Children’s author J.K. Rowling has revealed that at least two characters will die in the seventh and final installment of her bestselling ‘Harry Potter’ series, but was careful not to say who. Children and adults are expected to rush and buy the final ‘Harry Potter’ novel in the tens of millions when it is complete, and if the publication of the sixth book is anything to go by, secrecy surrounding the plot will be tight.”

I love this--that the death of fictional characters is "industry news." Thank you, Harry Potter, you are keeping me and tons of other people in the book biz employed.

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