Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My juicy personal life

Today I recieved an email:
I think your blog would benefit from some juicy personal stories or fantasies or regular updates about how you're not getting "super" sex. Let me know if you're open to these kinds of things, because I want to be amused. Amused on a daily basis.

The "super" sex, of course, being a reference to the strangely attractive Eastern Europen Super of my building. And no, we're not doing it. But he did give me a fan yesterday. A dirty, dirty fan. (And I taught him the word "oscillate")
Unfortunately my life is just not that interesting. Like today, the best thing I did was go and put funny pictures next to the address book listings of business contacts I don't like, like this monkey one. Also, my weekly TV Guide came. We get them free at the office. Apparently Marcia Cross met her husband at a flower shop shortly after having lunch with Lori Loughlin. File that one under "information I am stupider for knowing."


Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Typo: 'graph 3, line 2