Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Important Notice to DVR Users

For those of you who only watch shows you've pre-recorded, don't forget that you may be missing some great commercials. Like this one I caught while watching Benji the Hunted on WLNY55/10:

It's so bad I think it belong in the annals of some of my favorite bad commercials of all time, including the Boch auto commercial in Boston that featured Ernie Boch Jr. before he was cool yelling "woah, you two! stop making love!", and Chicago's Eagleman auto insurance from when I was a kid


enwhysee said...

I sent this to the peeps from Chicagoland. You make a really excellent point, and I argue repeatedly with Nanci when we 30s-skip with our TiVo. No telling how many Draper-made winners I've missed!

chris said...

But this whole post seems rather beside the point. I mean, how was "Benji the Hunted"? Color me curious.