Saturday, October 20, 2007

Grey's Anatomy, I can't but love your hospital drama

This season, I told myself I was over Grey's Anatomy. I mean, the show is ridiculous. Meredith keeps sabotaging her relationship with the hottest brain surgeon in the world because she's damaged or whatever, George got married to someone he didn't even like that much just so the writers could have some interhospital drama, and Burke left Christina at the altar for the ol' "I love you more than you love me" reason employed in season one of ER when Dr. "Tag" Tagilieri left Carol Hathaway at the altar, paving the way for George Clooney to sweep in.

Which reminds me, I stuck around ER for seasons after it was good--I had to watch Dr. Greene hook up with the horrible British lady before he died full of regrets, for Abby to hook up with Carter like we knew she wanted to and then to have it go badly for pretty much no reason other than Noah Wyle wanted to get his ass off the show, and for Dr. Pratt to come be the new Dr. Benton.

That's why, after getting totally swept up in Grey's again (every time Patrick Dempsey turns on those bedroom eyes I just can't help myself), I have decided that Grey's Anatomy and ER should just combine into the same show. Let Luka be the Chief, have Jon Stamos play Sloan, and let Linda Cardellini inject a bit of Lindsay Weir's angst into Meredith Gray.

But until all my pop culture dreams come true, please enjoy this updated Gray's Anatomy: Who's Slept with Whom spreadsheet, color-coded for your convenience. (Click to enlarge)

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