Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I know I've been neglecting you, internets, but unfortunately I just can't see to come up with anything coherent to say about anything lately. So how about some incoherent ramblings? Here are the things that have been on my mind that would make fairly decent blog posts if I had the inspiration to really write about them. Feel free to choose your favorite and write your own blog post about it.

1. I would totally watch Brothers & Sisters if Greg Berlanti would cast Gregory Smith as Emily VanCamp's bf that Sally Field's family doesn't approve of.

2. No one probably has any idea who anyone other than Sally Field was that I just mentioned. It was a little show called Everwood, people, and it was like Brothers & Sisters except it KNEW it was cheesy, and instead of Sally Field's hysterics we got Treat Williams' raised voice and measured apology/feelings explanation.

3. Maybe it's just because I spent a lot of time with him when I was going through puberty and he was a smoldering pediatrician, but I always kind of felt like George Clooney was mine. Until he forsook me for a cocktail waitress/scorpion eater/motorcycle accident victim. On the bright side, George never stays with one woman for too long, and look at her last boyfriend/Fear Factor partner! Maybe there is hope for me yet.

4. I think Dirty Sexy Money is my favorite new show. Unless you count Tina Fey's American Express commercial.

5. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Behold my provisions for the weekend (other than a nice bottle of vicodin):

6. I want Wes Anderson's brother to come decorate my apartment. Owen can come help (it will give him something purposeful to do), and afterwards I'll make us all some pizza rolls and peanut butter/banana milk shakes.

7. I think what is wrong with our culture today can pretty much be boiled down to the fact that smug, egotistical John Edwards still continues to get TV deals, while gentle, Mr. Belvedere lookalike James Van Praagh gets his show canceled and has to watch Jennifer Love Hewitt reenact his life. If I was dead, I would so never communicate with a guy who whitens his teeth so he can flirt with my bereft sister or whatever.

8. Does everything google touches turn to gold? This new site from blogger is absolutely mesmerizing, and one of the best encapsulations of humankind I've ever seen: it's a slideshow of recently uploaded photos to blogspot blogs. Just try not to get drawn in....

9. I'll try to write some posts this weekend while I'm drooling all over myself and am too disfigured to leave the house. Thanks for sticking with me, people


enwhysee said...

I really need you to report on Pam Anderson’s yet another great choice in eligible men for marriage.

Good thing you can’t say, “What was she thinking.”

Anonymous said...

squirrel cheeks
let me sneak a peak

Anonymous said...

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