Thursday, December 07, 2006

Site traffic, here we come!

I’ve noticed that visits to my extremely distinguished and deservedly famous site have dropped off lately. Is it because I never post? Because people finally realized what a hack I am? Because my best friend changed her homepage? No, it’s because I used to get 6 or 7 hits a day from people doing a google image search on Alex Trebek and coming up with this post. On the search, this photo of Alex would show up and the line “Alex Trebek and Pat Sajack making out.” And even though I spelled Sajack wrong, 6 or 7 people a day would hope that they’d see what google image had promised them. Unfortunately, that post was so long ago that I’m no longer getting the gameshow-loving pervs, so I’ve decided to post some more images and headlines in hopes that I get some weridos to my site.

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