Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Soul Captives

The manuscript I'm working on is really bumming me out. Every time I think I’ve gotten into a groove with it, some other problem of disorganization, repetition, missing info, or confusion comes up. To make matters worse, the computer tech guy has camped himself out on the other side of my cubicle, in the empty art department cube. He babbles continually, won’t go away, and is generally annoying. To add to his problems, he doesn’t know what he’s doing and thinks if he talks more then that will cover up this fact: “Ah yes, well, fonts—fonts can be very troublesome. What you might what to do is try out a new font program. As you probably know, well, there are many different kinds of font programs. What we’ll do, maybe, maybe what we’ll do is I’ll talk to someone and we can get you another font program, maybe as a ‘test run,’ you and a couple others can try out another font program, then we’ll come back and see what you think—if your fonts work any better. Of course, it could not be font program at all, but if it is the font program at least this way we’ll know, with the next font program. Can I ask you something? Which font program are you using now?”
This afternoon I was checking out the website for my health insurance, trying to see when and if I can go see Joe again. While on it, I discovered that my insurance, while it does cover elective abortions (woohoo!), it does not cover costs surrounding organ transplants when the implanted organ is mechanical or from an animal. There goes my monkey heart!
When I told this to my cubicle mates, my cubicleboy asked “What if you lose a finger, and you need to get your big toe to replace your thumb?” Which, of course, started a whole conversation about how creepy this was, and I jumped up to demonstrate (of course, it’s kind of ruined since only my toenails are painted). I think this was the best part of my day. The resulting photo will be uploaded to cubicleboy’s computer wallpaper tomorrow.

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