Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bad Things, Good Things

Today’s a really sad day. And not like, I got my period sad, but like, somebody died sad. I wish I had something simple to keep my mind occupied, like some filing or a root canal or something. But since it’s a pretty freeform day I’m going to try to boost my spirits with a list of 10 things that make me happy. In no particular order other than how they’re coming to me....

1. Elmo is black

2. Drinking during lunch, if only a little.

3. Julie Kavner’s character on Rhoda. Did anyone else ever watch Rhoda? On Nick at Night when they were 12?

4. Our company softball team made it to the playoffs (I’m hoping they get to play against my former employer, Otis Elevator Company, who is also in the playoffs)

5. Over the weekend I got a postcard from an old roommate that says “I hope you’re keeping your spirits up during this whole Lance Bass crisis. Because I know he was always your favorite.”

6. Arugula pesto

7. This sign at a busy intersection near my apartment that urges senior citizens to use a different crosswalk for less vehicle conflicts.

8. I have another appointment with Joe next week

9. Waking up alone

10. Everything I know how to do other than breathe and cry I’ve learned

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