Sunday, February 10, 2008


you find yourself thinking something, and it suddenly makes you rethink your whole lifestyle. That just happened to me. I'd just finished watching the Chappelle's Show/Shield/Soul Train Saturday-night line-up on the CW11, when a blue screen came on and a deep voice said, "The following is a paid advertisement from the Time Life company." I picked up the remote to change the channel, then thought:

Oh wait, I bet this is one of those ads for old music. These are actually pretty good.

So now I'm watching Ashford & Simpson host a retrospective of soul hits of the 80s. And Ashford (or is it Simpson?) has just instructed me to hold on to my dancing shoes, because we've just begun. There are 168 R&B jams in this deluxe box set, and it's not sold in stores, so I guess we have a lot to cover.

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