Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Better than Esteban

My favorite alien expert, veep, and developer of homegrown kitchen hints, Bruce Lubin, presented on HSN tonight.

Running commentary via text message between my friend and me:

are you watching? where the hell is bruce lubin.

Ooh thanks for reminding. Finding it now.

This is painful. I don't think blubin's been on yet

Totally painful.

I would never buy an air purifier from that lady, she just declared kool & tG never cooler

Who is this wingnut?

not bruce lubin that's for sure

[Bruce appears and we watch for his 10 minutes, mesmerized by his performance.]

Was he holding his blackberry?

He was. He is on the dvr for my housewarming party.

3500 sold! Should I stick around for the purse party?

No! Run away!

Buy Bruce's book of amazing tips he and his loving wife have been developing for years here.


Jeff said...

I just emailed him for a signed copy quid pro quo...think he'll pony up?

Evie Garland said...

oh yeah. you'll never have stale celery again.

Jeff said...

I already know that one...he'd better be able to knock out Heloise!