Thursday, August 28, 2008

From the archives

While I'm waiting for my cousin to get here, I thought I'd finally get around to scanning a couple of things I found at my parent's house last year. Both are from my third grade file....(click to englare)

If you're wondering, "neon" is still my favorite color, and jogging suits are still my favorite thing to wear. Also, I believe "Dady Davedo" is "Danny DeVito," star of such 80s classics as Throw Momma from the Train and Twins.

This one is one of the "Week in Review" essays we had to write each week. Apparently, just as now, sometimes a TV show was one of the most exciting things to happen to me all week. And to my teacher.


jayKayEss said...

So that essay earned you an A/B-/B-/A?

Charles Q said...

Alf met a GAY?

Rachel said...

This is a riot! Love seeing this stuff. Nice of your parents to keep it.