Saturday, April 05, 2008

This is for all you Doogie lovers out there

Like many of you, I am a long-time NPH fan. (That's Neil Patrick Harris, for all of you not in the know.) Granted, I haven't seen anything he did between Starship Troopers (a movie that I have seen half-a-dozen times, thanks to some inexplicable obsession the boys in my high school had with it) and Harold and Kumar. Here's a little gallery of NPH-related video clips I thought you all might enjoy.

When I saw Harold and Kumar, I had taped it off tbs. They had overdubbed this scene--where we learn that the Doogie line always works on strippers--to the point of non-comprehension. Luckily youtube had it in its entirety.

Want to see NPH and Jason Segel sing a duet from Les Miserables? I thought so. Here is the best moment ever to air on the talk show of the lady who played Karen on Will & Grace.

Speaking of my new favorite show How I Met Your Mother, this behind-the-scenes clip of NPH talking about the "Beyonce pose" that he strikes after getting out of the shower is priceless.

Unfortunately, Hulu doesn't have "Summer of '91" (aka the ep where Doogie loses his virginity to Wanda), but it does have the prom episode:

Neil Patrick Harris: Is there anything he can't do?

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Lindsay said...

you know that i have season 3 of the doog on dvd, right? as any doogie aficionado knows, that is the season during which our charming protagonist becomes a man (in more ways than one).

can you follow up this post with an investigative one? what ever happened to vinnie delpino?