Friday, December 28, 2007

ER and me: back together?

Like most of you, I plan on getting through the strike by watching tv shows on DVD and holding onto the last remaining episodes of the Simpsons (there's six of them left, including one where Ralph Wiggum becomes president!). But something occurred to me last night. I am awfully susceptible to getting hooked on new shows, and with very little to watch I might just get hooked on all sorts of stuff I never knew I needed to see before.

Worst still, I may even get hooked on shows I used to watch until I eventually built up enough antibodies to turn them off. Like ER. Like most people, I haven't watched this show since dreamboat George Clooney left. OK, OK, if I'm being honest, I held on all the way through Goose's brain tumor and long enough to know who Abby is.

But then I never looked back, except for the season 13 ep when Abby's baby was born in a storyline copied almost directly from the season 3 ep when Benton's baby was born. Even though it's even more melodramatic than Grey's Anatomy, and the lighting is still straight out of St. Elsewhere, not only do they have Stanley Tucci, they also have John Stamos. And he is still as dreamy as he was in Jesse and the Rippers:

I may be in trouble.

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