Monday, January 22, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Who's Slept with Whom?

On Thursday's Grey's Anatomy, after giving each other "the look" for several episodes, Addison and Alex finally snogged. While this is awesome for obvious reasons, I'm starting to get worried about the writers having enough characters to intermix in the coming seasons. I began to worry, so to help myself visualize what we're working with here, I did the same thing I do at the office: I made a spreadsheet.

What I gleaned from it is the following:
1. Meredith is the sluttiest if you count out-of-hospital screws, but George is the sluttiest if you count interhospital bangs only (isn't that shocking?).
2. Izzie really can't catch a break, having only kissed people on the show (unless I'm wrong and she actually did sleep with I remember it they never actually sealed the deal)
3. It's only a matter of time before Dr. Hahn boffs someone, even if she does seem frigid
4. Cristina and Burke are gonna break up, or they're going to start swinging.

I hope you find this spreadsheet as helpful as I did. You may also want to pass it along to friends who are new to the show, who can use it as a handy reference sheet. I'll update and repost it as necessary. (click on the image above for a closer look)

Click here for an updated spreadsheet!


michael morrison said...

This is great! I was telling my friends about it last night, can I put it up on my page?

Evie Garland said...

most certainly! I really made it to help people, so the more people who can clearly see who's gettin' it on on Grey's the better the world will be.